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For each request online shop of Italian food typical products ( Bottega Dei Prodotti Tipici.it ) is at your disposal,

please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer any questions.


Telephone customer service and phone orders : 
0039 039 9466929
( Respond: Dania Bonamico, Fausto Ciccocioppo )


E-Mail: info@BottegaDeiProdottiTipici.it

PEC: fadameia@pec.it

Facebook: Facebook facebook.com/BottegaDeiProdottiTipici.it

Linkedin: Linkedin linkedin.com/company/fadameia-di-fausto-enzo-ciccocioppo



Bottega Dei Prodotti Tipici.it the FADAMEIA
20877 Roncello (Monza e Brianza) Italy
VAT: 08327880962
R.E.A. (Monza e Brianza) n. 1891064





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